3 Opportunities for individuals from abroad

Young Talents

Young post-docs working abroad with very good scientific accomplishments and who have excelled both qualitatively and quantitatively in their scientific or technological career are eligible to receive funding and resources to perform a two to three year-long research project in Brazil. The host research group would also receive funds, as a bench fee. An international call for proposals will be periodically and internationally disclosed. The program anticipates the availability of funds for at least 100 young researchers per year.

Special Visiting Researcher

Senior researchers who are internationally recognized science leaders will be stimulated to perform joint projects with research groups in Brazil and to work in the country for up to three months every year during two to three years. Doctoral students and post-docs will be supported to work in the project both in Brazil and abroad. The benefits of this component will include the support for living expenses during the period the researcher spends in Brazil and also funding for the local laboratory. Distinct ways of collaboration with Brazilians scientists may also be proposed.

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